Black girls are constantly portrayed to be anything but magical, beautiful, and whimsical - we're here to change that.

When do Black women get to just BE? Is something I asked myself when creating this platform. When does the world get to see us for who we truly are, and when do we get to revel in all our flaws, show our scars, and strip ourselves bare? We all want to be excellent, but Black excellence isn't the only form of Blackness that deserves to be celebrated. 

​This is Carefree.

We believe in the power of storytelling and its ability to heal. No more top 10 lists, "How To Get A Man" posts, or only celebrating the Goliath amongst us. Our mission is to tell our stories from across the diaspora in whatever form they may be in.

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For us, By Us

From our online platform to offline events spanning workshops, meetups, and conferences, we believe that Black women deserve to feel seen and be heard in a community that celebrates them—no matter their background. 

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Let’s explore life through our own eyes. From natural hair to extensions, thoughts on love to thoughts on identity, short fiction pieces to long-form cultural critique—Carefree's articles, podcasts & videos are created for the black woman navigating life’s key moments.

We're currently looking for writers interested in contributing accounts of everyday life, missives on culture, and original fiction. We're looking for triumphs, tribulations, obsessions, passions, love, awkward encounters, and everything in between.

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Music curator, storyteller, free woman, neurodivergent baddie. I do everything for Justice + Joy 💛
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